Bengkung Belly Binding

Belly binding for pregnant women and those who have recently given birth is nothing new.  Most cultures have specific traditions and ways in which they care for women in the postpartum period. Like many western societies, women in the United States haven’t had access or knowledge of many cultural/traditional methods of postpartum care.  As our world becomes more connected through the internet, a new generation of women is looking to the past and to other cultures to find a better way to heal their bodies after birth. 

Bengkung is the traditional Malaysian binding method in which you wrap the abdomen during the postpartum recovery period to assist in muscle reformation and lessen the severity or diastasis recti (splitting of the abdominal wall) 

Why bind? 
1- Pulls in the separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) back together.
2- Supports your back and helps with strain from birth or nursing positions
3- It is a traditional and holistic way of healing after having a baby. 
4- It is comfortable and feels nice!

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