I’m Claire Sax
I’m a birth and postpartum doula as well as a birth photographer. I have helped over 100 women welcome their babies into the world. I support pregnant women prenatally, during labor and postpartum.  [Learn more about me by listening to my introductory Thinking Birth Podcast]

I support your choices
With the right support any woman any where can have a better birth. I believe that a woman should have the birth they want- whether that includes the use of drugs or not. I do not judge your choices. Instead, I help you make the best decision for you at that time. As your doula I will help you feel confident, safe and comforted. I will respect your wishes and the role of your partner.

I get to know my clients
When you hire me as your doula, you get the comfort of knowing that I will be there for you prenatally, during labor, birth and in the postpartum.  I take only 1-2 clients a month which allows me to get to know my clients personally. Together we talk through your birth preferences and plan for your birth and the roles your other birth team members will play.   As births can be unpredictable, I work collaboratively with Tara Beth Olson (in DC) an experienced doula and birth worker, who offers backup support to my clients.  Tara and I teach a monthly birth class together, which is free for our doula clients.  This collaboration gives you the intimacy of an independent doula along with the reassurance of knowing and having met anyone who may attend your birth.  

I have experience
I chose to do my doula certification through DONA International, which has a rigorous certification process and holds their doulas to a high standard.  I am a HypnoBirthing instructor as well as a La Leche League Leader.  I have been a doula for 6 years and worked with over 100 families.  My skill set is varied and comprehensive.  I have worked with moms seeking both unmedicated and medicated births. I am familiar with the Bradley Birth Method, BRIO birth, Hypnobirthing and Hypnobabies.

I love being a doula
What do I love about being a doula? I love being a friend and comforter in the room offering physical and emotional support. I love finding the right words of encouragement that speak to you as you are being tested physically and mentally. I love finding a new position to alleviate some of your pain. I love helping your partner be there for you and involved in a way that he/she feels comfortable. I am not here to replace your partner, but enhance your relationship. I love helping you at home after the birth of your baby, too.

I’m more than a doula
I have been married for 9 years to my handsome husband and I have been blessed with two wild and darling children- my son who is 6 and my daughter who is 2 years old.  I graduated from American University with a B.A. in political science and from there went to work for a North Carolina Congressman on the hill. After working at the Capitol for a number years I moved to Galapagos Conservancy doing development work and then on to George Mason University as the Alumni Gifts Manager where I had the opportunity to pursue my Masters Degree at GMU in Opera Performance.

Most days you can find me behind my sewing machine, humming jazz in the kitchen or jogging through the neighborhood.

Feel free to look through my website for information about my birth and postpartum doula packages, birth/baby photography as well as birth classes! Contact me now to set up a free consultation!